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Artist’s Statement


Virtual Exhibition Statement “Non-Absolute Abstraction”
Diba ADIB / 28 June 2018

In the painting world, pure or absolute abstraction, in addition to borrowing nothing from nature, lacks any hints of emotional or mental expression. While the works featured in the virtual exhibition “Non-Absolute Abstraction” are the result of my attempt from 2013 to 2014 to express my emotions and display my inner world in those years, with the help of abstractive  language. These 18 canvases, each of which presents a different world to the audience, each one for me was an expressing medium that could have been possible only through color, large dimension canvases and abstraction language.

Beside the painter’s blessing provided by the depth and purity of painting while expressing their ideology  and quality of their inner world, after the creation, the important issue that concerns almost every artist would be where, how and when to exhibit their works. Thus, because of all the complexities, in many cases, this acts as a deterrent to the growth of  their career. Since sharing ideas through their works is an influential factor in evolution of the art and artists, I decided to act differently with the virtual exhibition “Non-Absolute Abstraction” in my personal website.

I believe this display method can be used and accepted widely among contemporary artists, Providing artworks for a vast range of audience. Moving towards this path, one can hope that art which is borderless itself, to be presented in a borderless space in a near future.


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