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Collection “Beloved Primary Viruses”

2023 Collection “Beloved Primary Viruses”

2023 Collection “Beloved Primary Viruses”/ 10 pieces/ Single Edition [1/1]/ Physical Drawings/ Abstractive Symbolism/ Rapidograph on Cardboard/ Registered and Available on platform as NFTs

2024 ️”Host No.01“/ Collection “Beloved Primary Viruses”/ Single Edition [1/1]/ Physical Drawing/ Abstract Symbolism/ Rapidograph on Cardboard/ Exhibited in the Fine Art category of the International NFT.NYC 2024 Community Artist Showcase at NFT.NYC in the rooftop Artists Village gallery (North Javits, Hudson Yards April 3-5) & on the NFT.NYC website/ New York City/ US


“Beloved Primary Viruses” Atmosphere

We come to this world unaware of the viruses that have clung to us since birth, impacting our lives. These primary viruses stem from the ethnic background, traditions and rituals that surround us. We grow up as a host to many of these viruses. They usually look respectable and splendid. For some people they even act as a redeemer. But for a group of us these beloved viruses are a barrier to our growth. Therefore it is a necessity to let go of them if we want to become our true selves.

In this collection, I am using floral paterns driven from Persian carpet design as a symbol of all the rituals, conventions, and traditions that have been srounding us since birth and are changing us while we are not aware of them. Most of us even accept them as a part of ourselves.


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