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“Everything is more real on a canvas than in the real world”


Visual Artist / Painter



I am Diba Adib. I was born in Iran in 1988. I started to find myself being lost in an endless universe of shapes and colours. I grew up while my sketchbook and some colour pencils were more interesting than any kind of games and toys to me. However painting became more than just a hobby as I grew older, when I started to join several painting and drawing workshops as I was turning 9 years old.


I entered art high school when I was 15, and this made art and painting to be the most important part of my life until this day. After three years of studying graphic design at art school, since I was so passionate about Iran’s history, civilization, art and culture, I decided to continue my academic studies in “Handicrafts”.

I spent my four years of study at Kashan Art University, where provides the best practical and theoretical training in the field of “Handicrafts” in the country. During these fruitful years, I passed and worked at various workshops such as Drawing, Colourology, Basics of Aesthetics, Persian carpet design and colours, Persian painting (Miniature), Stained glass, Wood working, Metal working, Sculpting, Restoration of art pieces, etc. In the last and forth year of my study, I focused on “Pottery & Ceramics”, in which I found so much beauty and peace.

I received my BA in a major which provided a profound understanding about applied and traditional arts of different countries around the world, as well as my own country Iran.

After my graduation, I decided to work as a visual artist. Therefor, along with working on my own painting projects, I was taught by important iranian contemporary painter artists such as Yaghoub Amameh Pich, Nosratollah Moslemian, and Ali Zakeri.

I commenced teaching art, including different painting and drawing skills, as well as theoretical basic art knowledge, since 2013, so that I could help art lovers in gaining a deeper knowledge about visual arts.

I held my first solo painting exhibition “Seven Self-Portrait Paintings” in a café-gallery. Firstly, because I strongly believed that the way of displaying an art work has a profound impact on how viewers might understand them. The warm and intimate environment of a café could encourage viewers to make a better connection with the subject of the works than a cold and empty showroom of a gallery. At the same time, I wanted these paintings to be seen mostly by random ordinary people, who might not even consider visiting an art gallery as one of their routine activities. To see how they understand my works, and also to have a more clear view of how people of my community normally react to artistic materials. This very different and unconventional choice of action, in  2014, led this exhibition to be covered by medias such as ISNA and HAMSHAHRI ONLINE which are two Iranian important news agencies.

In 2018 , I held my second solo painting exhibition, still following an unfamiliar way of showing my art works. By this action, I was one of the pioneers of holding a professional and official exhibition in a virtual form, that year in Iran. And this happened several years before the Corona pandemic, a condition that made holding exhibitions in virtual form to be taken seriously as a way of presentation, and artists to be aware of the capabilities of the virtual platform to introduce art to the audience.   

This collection was called “Non-Absolute Abstraction”, which consisted of  considerably large-scaled Abstract Expressionism paintings, displayed this time only virtually on my own website. The concept I had in mind, as a painter of new generation Iranian artists, was to show other young painters of my own generation and those who are active in the art market in my country, that artists could use modern technologies to display their works. Moreover to show them that holding a Virtual Exhibition could provide them a broader range of viewers from around the world at any hour of any day. Also saying that art galleries are not the only way of presenting art and artists to the world.

Consequently, This action of mine led to a wide reflection in newspapers and was followed by The SAYEH and HONARMAND newspapers to publish an article about “Non-Absolute Abstraction” exhibition and how it was displayed. Also, the HONARMAND newspaper, that is a specialized journal about arts, requested a specialized interview with me. This massive reflection led to the creation of a new way of thinking among the artistic community of my country. This was followed by the further attention from young artists and even art galleries, about the advantages of  displaying visual artworks on online galleries professionally as well as real showrooms.

My passion for innovative art presentation led me to start my NFT-ART journey in summer 2023. And my “Host No.01” of the “Beloved Primary Viruses” Collection on is being exhibited in the Fine Art category of the International NFT.NYC 2024, New York City, US.

I mint my Physical and Digital Paintings and Drawings on , and platforms.


You can make contacts and follow my other artistic activities on my Twitter:Diba_Adib_art and profile.


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