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Collection “Green Companionship”

2023 Collection “Green Companionship”

2023 Collection “Green Companionship”/ Single Edition [1/1]/ Physical Drawings/ Abstractive Naturalism/ Blind Contour Line Drawing, Rapidograph on Paper + Photoshop/ Registered and Available on platform as NFTs


“Green Companionship” Atmosphere

In homes, cafés, and spaces, green companions silently enrich our lives. Sometimes, a small pot can ease the tension and stress in the office with its greenery, making a café meeting more delightful, or bringing serenity to the daily life of a home.

But how much do we recognize them as living beings, capable of sensing their surroundings?

Do they feel our presence?

How much are they impacted by the way we feel or act around them?

Do they get happier with our joy or feel sad with our sorrow?

This collection invites you to witness the harmonic presence of these little green companions, our domestic plants.


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