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Collection “Non-Absolute Abstraction”

2023 Collection “Non-Absolute Abstraction”

2023 Collection “Non-Absolute Abstraction”/ 18 pieces/ Single Edition [1/1]/ Physical Paintings/ Abstractive Expressionism/ Acrylic on Canvas/ Registered and Available on platform as NFTs

2023 ️Abstraction No.8/ Collection “Non-Absolute Abstraction”/ Single Edition [1/1]/ Physical Painting/ Abstractive Expressionism/ Acrylic on 95×140 cm Canvas/ Exhibited in the One Love International NFT Art Exhibition at Miami Art Basel, One Love Art Festival in the Miami Art Week (Wynwood Art Walk, December 7) and at the One Love Metaverse Gallery ( sponsored by Miami, US


“Non-Absolute Abstraction” Atmosphere

In painting, absolute abstraction is when there is no trace of recognizable elements from the real world in the artwork. Moreover, absolute abstracts do not convey any human emotions. That’s why this collection is named “Non-Absolute Abstraction”.

In this collection, 18 pieces, each executed on large canvases using acrylic paint, I tried to depict my inner world in those years (2013-2014). This endeavor became possible through the presence of colours, lines, and the expansive canvas dimensions.


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